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Virtual Consciousness

In this collection of works, I want to show the future of MetaVerse which is a parallel virtual world. 


When we can change our perception of time in the virtual world in the future, we may be able to live in the virtual world for several lives, while only a few minutes have passed in the real world. Time is folding and space is vanishing. The reality we are actually living in  is no longer real to us. The form of life and body is changing. The relationship between the virtual world and the real world will become blurred, dialectical and reversed. 


The combination of sharp silhouettes, radial lines, overlapping grids are the focus of this collection. I changed the shape of the human body with sharp and high shoulders. Each sleeve presents the compression and expansion of space and the folding of time in the virtual space in various ways. The detailed radioactive lines imply that every point can be expanded into countless spaces, constructing countless new virtual environments. The half sleeve can be matched with different kinds of tight tops. The tight cover people's bodies to form new skins and turning people into new human forms. The grids symbolize space or data, showing how people upload their body and consciousness to another space.

Fashion campaign | Virtual Consciousness

Director / Editor / Actress / Fashion Designer: Regina Xia

Photographer : Steve Hu

General Concept
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