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Digital   Dreamland

This collection’s inspiration was based on the fragmented memories and childhood impressions of playing an educational video game on CDs when I was only 5-6 years old. For a long time, I could not find those CDs and I thought that those broken distorted images in the deepest part of my mind were just the fusion of reality and dreams in my childhood. However, the CD was found when I was doing this project. (my parents helped me find this CD album in my home. They copied the games on the CD and sent them to me. ) After replaying those games and recalling a lot of childhood memories, I discovered that a lot of things that made up me were cultivated during that period. It turned out that my nearly innate love and fascination with the digital world was never just a random event. These CDs make everything traceable. My digital dreamland is not a fantasy I have always imagined, but a real and huge digital kingdom. 


So in this collection, I am trying to visualize the long-existed digital dreamland in my mind. Every piece of garment in this collection is interactive and could be played as a game in this digital world, guiding the audience to explore this dreamy digital world one piece by one piece. Finally, the audience will find the last piece of the collection and scan the QR code on it, and then enter my real digital dreamland (which I would make in the future).

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