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Bee Careful is an experimental mutiplayer game utilizing eye trackers. It was made within one week by 5 students in ETC at CMU. In this game, three players act as bees, utilizing eye trackers to assail the beekeeper, while one player assumes the role of a beekeeper, using a controller to capture bees.


ROLE: ​game designer, 2D artist, producer

CONTROLLER: eye tracker


GENRE: asymmetric battle (1 vs 3) / multiplayer / party


Game Designer

Innovated core mechanics by integrating eye tracker technology for dynamic battles

conceptualized bee's different attack methods

2D artist

pivoted overall art style

Sketched character design concepts 

animated character's animation

Collaborated with the other artist in team to unifty the visual style


Established and maintained the team's timeline, overseeing task management for optimal project execution

Orchestrated team meetings, ensuring comprehensive note-taking for future reference

Coordinated resolution of internal technical issues and organized playtests

Designed the decoration floorplan for ETC's festival


Combat design Process

After testing the game prototype, we decided to add different functions to each bees. The aim was to give players more choice on player choosing and provide more dynatics to the game. 



Long-range attack, can fire honey bullets

Queen BEE:

help blood return in short range



close attack

can sting the beehunter when meet


can swing the net to hit the bees


Character design

When conceptualizing the character, I camp up with a Background for her: A city girl who's never dealt with beekeeping suddenly has to fill in for the usual beekeeper in the countryside. Trouble is, the bees aren't too happy about this unexpected change, and things get a bit stingy.

Inspired by Cuphead and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, I've bestowed upon her a chic, cute, and playful personality. You can see it reflected in her clothing and expressions.


design sketches 



I illustrated the scene design for the main interface of the game. I incorporated numerous farm cottages, scarecrows, and haystacks to capture the essence of a beekeeping farm setting. Additionally, I created decorative elements such as man-eating plants and hay stacks, serving both as adornments and areas for players to navigate and seek cover.


farm scene


In my role as a producer, I organized all meetings and tests, overseeing the coordination of each team member's tasks. I formulated a timeline and checklist for the game's progress to ensure quality and output.


Furthermore, as this game was chosen for the ETC Game Festival, I took charge of designing the room decoration and set layout by creating floor plans and room layouts.


room plan

floor plan

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