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Overwhelming Information 

This womenswear collection aims to reflect a thinking towards technology and power in the context of the internet nowadays. I think social media and Internet giants are forcing us to browse unnecessary and meaningless information, and collecting our data in an open way by taking advantage of our desire to show and see people’s lives and thoughts. Even so, it is hard to live without it for our generation. This is a kind of bullying from modern society on our personal space and personal will. So I want to discuss how to try our best to not be influenced by the attention economy which is everywhere on the Internet in this information era and how to avoid being consumed. The strong silhouette with calm colors shows the ways to form a sense of protection and distance to hide the wearer's body.



The models with iconic pink hair I used are inspired by a CG model character who has pink short hair and names Imma. Imma is named after the Japanese word “ima,” meaning “now,”. As one of the first experimental virtual characters that live in social media, I think she represents the Avant-garde girl in the information era and could be considered as a product of the information explosion.

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