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Get in the inflatable boat,

taverse a pink ocean,

catch seals with a lollipop,

and collect strawberry cake slices!


Sweet & Seal-ious is an AR/VR game where players sit in a inflatable boat, using a steering wheel and a lollipop controller to navigate through a pink ocean collecting cakes. Along the way, players can attract leaping seals with the lollipop and place them in an booster to speed up the boat.

In this game, the boat the player sits in is in augmented reality (AR), while the rest of the game world exists in virtual reality (VR).

ROLE: ​game designer, 3D artist



GENRE: AR/VR, adventure


Game Designer

corporatedly designed the gameplay

3D artist

pivoted overall art style

Collaborated with the other artist in team to unifty the visual style

sketched adn modelled the 3D objects

animated character's animation


GAME design

Step into this wild and wacky virtual world, where you find yourself cruising in a floatable boat on a sea of vibrant pink. Hold onto your lollipop because it's not just a sweet treat—it's a seal magnet! Picture this: adorable seals jumping around, and floating giant strawberry cakes and pancakes just waiting for you to snatch them up. Oh, did I mention there's a booster that turns seals into turbo fuel? Yeah, it's as crazy as it sounds!

In our uniquely crafted universe, these seemingly illogical elements seamlessly blend. To ensure players grasp the interplay between lollipops, seals, cakes, and pancakes, we've integrated a tutorial into our level design from the outset.


game play tutorial

3D art

In the seal's character design, I aimed for an irresistibly adorable look to capture its jelly-like texture. During player testing, almost all the players like its dynamic movement.

未命名作品 2 (1).png
seal animation 1.gif
seal animation 2.gif

ETC festival Live stream

Sweet & Seal-ious was selected as ETC festival steamed game. As the artist in team, I designed the room decoration including room plan and floor plan.

未命名作品 (18).png

room plan

未命名作品 1 (3).png

floor plan

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