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V-chan, the town’s favorite vampire idol, is set for her live show today! Beware of persistent paparazzi armed with strong flashlights trying to snap photos of her. As a genuine vampire, V-chan is uneasy, but her reliable bodyguard is here to shield her from the intrusive lights.

ROLE: solo 3D artist, Character & Environmental Designer, animation, VFX

PLATFORM: Dancing pad, Phidget Light Sensor


GENRE: Party, Music


Game Designer

Intertwined the light sensors with live performances

Crafted a experimental gaming experience that merges the worlds of performance art and electronic games

created a spectacular party ambiance.

3D artist

pivoted overall art style

sketched, modeled and animated all the 3D objects includes character and environment

Collaborated with 2d artist in team to unifty the visual style


cutomized idol's firework


room plan

floor plan

Game feature

3-Party Game in a Dark Room

Vampstar is a 3-party game, including the idol (1 person), the body guard(1 people or more) and the paparazzi (2 people or more). This game warmly welcomes a diverse participation, aiming to create a lively and chaotic atmosphere reminiscent of a real concert. The high sensitivity of the light sensor to ambient light necessitates gameplay in extremely dark conditions (without directional light). This intentional design choice aims to closely emulate the authentic concert environment, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Phidget Light Sensor

The player who play as the idol needs to wear a vampire wing which attached with 3 phidget light sensors on it. Conventional gaming involves physical tools like controllers, external racing wheels, and so on. However, these controllers are confined by the limitations of being artificial, physical items for interacting with the game. Our game takes a different approach by utilizing 'light' in combination with Phidget light sensors as the central feature. Unlike artificial physical items, this experience involves using something intangible, light, to create a tangible impact on the game. The paparazzi employ light to do harm to the idol, while the bodyguards strive to obstruct the light to shield the idol. This unique experience is exclusively feasible through a specific control scheme due to the presence of light sensors, enabling the detection of intangible light.


Vampire Idol

Due to our idol's fear of flashlights, we've characterized her as a vampire idol. Upon entering the second phase, she gracefully unfurls her wings, taking flight above the stage. Bathed in the ethereal glow of the blood moon, she artfully blows kisses to the audience. Perhaps, this is the first vampire idol you've ever encountered.

3D art


I designed the Idol with a black and red color scheme, incorporating a unique hairstyle of curled twin-tails that fuses Lolita and Japanese idol styles. As a vampire character, emphasis was placed on achieving a fair complexion and light-colored hair. The process involved creating the base model in VRoid Studio and making specific modifications, including the addition of twin-tails, using Maya's skeletal rigging.

Vampstar_Gamescreen_Walkthrough (1).gif

character design process

Performing Stage

In the stage design for Vampstar, I incorporated heart motifs and bat wings to create a space that seamlessly blends from all angles, emphasizing a charming aesthetic. Additionally, I strategically placed rotating spotlights around the stage to enhance the vibrant atmosphere during performances.


stage design

gameplay screenshot

Design vlog

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