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Regina Xia's thesis project merges the worlds of fashion and gaming into an interdisciplinary artistic experiment using a unique visual language. Through the combination of a 2D game, a 3D game, a pair of exquisitely crafted earrings and a virtual shop inside the game, an immersive and entertaining experience is created for the audience. Through this project, Regina aims to showcase the immense potential of combining fashion and gaming by seamlessly weaving a captivating narrative that showcases the limitless possibilities of merging these two mediums.

Inspired by her 2D game, "Regina's Chess Puzzle," where she designed two characters and transformed them into wearable earrings and playable chess pieces, Regina developed a 3D adventure game called "Across the Mirage", where the player embarks on a quest to discover the accessory in a fantasy chess world. Players can also try the earrings on vritually in a virtual shop inside this game.

画板 27.jpg

Thesis Project

I.   2D Game (Regina's Chess Puzzle) 
II.  Characters & Earring Design
III. 3D Game
  (Across the Mirage) 
IV.  Virtual Shop

part i

As the initial inspiration of rthe whole project, Regina’s Chess Puzzle is a digital puzzle game based on a circular chess board with modified chess rules featuring a rook and a knight. It contains 2 tutorial levels and 14 puzzle levels. 


2D Game

画板 28.png

part ii

Characters & Earring Design

By using Blender, Zbrush and Keyshot, I created two 3D characters based on the character design in the 2D game. Then I morphed the two characters into two earrings. The earrings can be both used as real chess pieces, and also wearable earrings.

画板 5.jpg
画板 8.jpg

Design Process

Fitting & Prototypes

画板 11.jpg
画板 12.jpg

Rook Earring


Knight Earring

画板 16.jpg

part iii

3D Game

Across the Mirage is a 3D adventure game where players explore a fantasy chess world as the rook character to discover a pair of  accessory. The goal is to follow gems to find the item, and in the end, players can virtually wear the accessory on a metahuman using facial capture technology in a virtual shop.